We’re always looking for the industry’s leading talent to help our team bring maximum value to the families we serve. Please see our current opportunities below. Even if the positions we have available are not a good fit, we invite you to submit a cover letter and résumé to so we can get to know you better.

Current Openings

What We Do

Your Dedicated Fiduciary® is a fiduciary financial planning firm with locations in San Diego and Dallas. We are an established firm that enjoys a positive reputation in financial planning, wealth management, and the media. 

The firm culture is friendly, highly professional, down to earth, and often fast paced. We enjoy working hard to produce the quality of our results. This position plays a key role in the success of the firm where we work cohesively as a team toward the same goal of providing outstanding service to our clients while helping them work toward their financial goals. Attention to detail and excellent communication skills are required. We offer a comprehensive benefits package and competitive salary, with profit sharing of up to 25% of base salary. While we prefer candidates in the Northern Dallas or San Diego areas, we are certainly open to virtual and remote candidates. 


Who We Aren’t

We are not the financial advisor down the street. We are not proprietary product pushers: in fact, we do not even have proprietary products to offer. We are not paid based on loans that we originate with the bank whose name is on the door. We are not egomaniacal, narcissistic stockbrokers who drive Maseratis. We are not starchy, grumpy “we’ve always done it this way, don’t ask educated questions” mutual fund brokers. We are not a firm that presents fiduciary financial planning to the public but then loads clients up on expensive, complex insurance products. We are not boiler plate financial planners.


Who We Are

We are our clients’ in-house, right-hand financial consultant and trusted advisor. We help them make educated decisions on investments, estate planning, tax planning, insurance, privacy, business strategy, succession planning, family unity, family heritage statements, and more. We are optimistic and believe that there is still a lot of good in the world. We are data driven and validate our recommendations with numbers so that clients can see what is in their best interest. We are authentic, transparent, and passionate people who wear their heart on their sleeves at the appropriate times. We are excellent listeners. We are in-the-weeds planners who keep complex planning simple. We are fillers of planning gaps that clients were not aware that they had.

Please submit your résumé and cover letter to

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