One of the highest professional honors is being hired by other members of the financial services community. Our firm is excited to announce the strategic alliance with Potomac Fund Management in bringing financial planning strategies to its staff.

An excerpt (remember vertical orange line and formatting of blog posts):
Barse’s firm is founded on a culture of authenticity and transparency—two things Potomac has become known for in the financial services community. Specializing in wealth preservation, estate planning, tax reduction, and financial planning strategies, Barse will offer a wide range of financial resources to Potomac’s team members.
“It was an honor and a privilege to receive the invite from Manish [Khatta] to serve as the in-house fiduciary financial planning firm for the Potomac team,” Barse said. “Your Dedicated Fiduciary® is excited to establish this mutual alignment of interest in bringing Potomac staff financial planning value. We believe this is a great benefit for employees.”
See Potomac’s announcement on Business Wire.